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Jacklyn Lick








Perfect Slave
We restrain them with rope, we spread them out, we hogtie and suspend our slaves. To watch thier eyes as we tie the vibrators into thier pussies, on thier swollen clits. They struggle against thier bonds and we leave them there until they cum. Then we leave them there longer, until they cum again. Until they try to shake free from the vibrator's buzzing, but realize they can't. There are helpless slaves waiting for you, tied up and perfect.

Most of them don't know what to expect when they show up to be fucked by a machine. Maybe theyve seen a fucking machine before, maybe they haven't. Maybe they've been fucked by a machine before. If they have, you can see the urgency in them to begin the fucking. If not, they soon find out what it's like to be fucked harder and faster than they have ever imagined. Sometimes we tie them up and we control the machine. Sometimes they finger themselves and sometimes they use vibrators on thier swollen clitori, but they cum every time.

Society SM

SocietySM is all about the Tragic beauty in the helpless faces of its lovely amature and professional models...Every model is stripped and manhandled, gagged and tortured, blindfolded and left alone under sexual distress! Unique methods of restraint, along with traditional rope bondage from several San Francisco Bondage and Shibari experts! Original devices and ideas you will only find on SocietySM, along with huge doses of photos, video clips,
and streaming movies each month...6 robust and painful updates a month! You will love it!

Amateur Bound

No Fancy Studio! No Expensive Equipment! Innocent girls I've brought to my apartment bound and helpless! Over 17,000 Original Amateur Bondage Images And Over 150 Original Movies! Moe gets some of the most adorable models on the internet! Check it out!

Bondage Orgasms

Lesbian Domination & Forced Orgasms...
Do you want to see girls getting off in bondage? Or better yet girls having bondage sex with other girls? Yes! You've come to the right place. These girls are getting tied up by girls then either forced or willingly having real orgasms in bondage. No fake poses, shoestring gags or loose ropes, these girls are not going anywhere... Real bondage with real cute women I brought home with me to torture and enjoy their perfect bodies. Exclusive video and photo content you won't see anywhere else!


We're dedicated to subjecting beautiful women to humiliating bondage. We aim to bind each and every one of our girls in tight breast bondage and painful
pussy torture. Like our name says, we ball-gag every one of them. Forcing them to drool from their gags and all over their purple tightly bound tits is our goal. We know you like to see these beautiful women punished in embarrassing, vulnerable positions. We like to expose every detail of these gorgeous babes for your pleasure, and ours :) Our pictures are all hi-resolution, color images, with many great close-up shots to help you appreciate the severe punishment these girls are enduring for your pleasure.

Fetish Nation

Explore You Darkest Fantasies...
Ian Rath- "My photography represents my visions. Sometimes it's harsh, sometimes it's very stylized. It can be dark and moody or completely blown out. Women are creatures of pleasure, beauty, incredible form and sometimes immense frustration, as I'm sure you will all agree. Each one I shoot has something different to offer and of course the kinkier they are the better I like them."...Even though Rath describes himself as "just some guy", his BDSM and Fetish Photography is extraordinary! A true standout in the Fetish Photo world! all that and the hottest models in the industry!

Dan Hawke Bondage and Torture

Dan Hawke Productions brings you quality bondage videos featuring many new models you haven't seen before. These videos will feature stringent bondage, attractive models, interesting situations and novel ties. Hawke's work is influenced not only by modern greats such as Jay Edwards and Bryan Davis, but also by such classic material as old HOM/Cal Star 8mm loops and videos. Naked models, harsh bondage, pussy torture and much more! Videos For Sale!!!

Red Hot Video

We've teamed up with a mad man. A man who has made it his mission in life is to ferociously spank the bare bottoms of each and every sexy looking tart he can lay his hands on. We film the action with 4 digital camcorders while he smacks 'em until their hindquarters look like the rump you buy at the grocery store. He's cruel, he's nasty and he's as politically incorrect as they come, but he don't care...he's having BUN BEATIN' FUN!

Bondage By Request 

From the twisted and talented mind of Jim Martin...not only the Hottest models around (Renee, Lane, Strain, Burke, plus 50 more)...a Playmates section full of exactly what you think...all tied up! Hardcore scenes featuring insertions, nipple torture and a variety of kinky things...and, of course...Martin fulfills his Member's Requests! which makes this site a must see! so says the oracle...

Shadow Play Imaging

Since 1997, SPI has provided personalized bondage and fetish experiences for viewers by bringing them "into" their photos and video productions. SPI features ALL original photo and video content in huge volumes of weekly and monthly updates, plus a large archive of past works. SPI creates new photo content every week, along with the production of live fetish shows and chat-cams with our exclusive fetish models. The SPI modeling pool provides unmatched ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as a unique and diverse appeal and attitude.

Ebony Bondage Babes

Ebony Bondage is maintained by genuine fetish enthusiasts as an act of homage to the erotic allure of beautiful ebony women in bondage! Over 20 robust and breasty, slim and athletic, dark skinned beauties...totalling over 5000 pictures in the members area!!! lots of great free pics in the 'public area'. This is a must see and delightful find for the Oracle!

Private Bondage

Sex in bondage combines the best of having sex and Anias in bondage and she loves it. The photos from our sex in bondage sessions get rather naughty, but we try to keep them in the best possible taste...
Sometimes we do Domination sessions, with the full treatment, with whips and whipping, nippleclamps, dildos and so on. BDSM does turn me on alot and we mostly end up having sex - if it is at all possible...!
Have a look around our site, there is plenty to see

TNAV Bondage

TNAV features all original adult nude bondage and discipline images, photos, and Quicktime movies. In particular, TNAV caters to those with a strong interest in women and girls nude in bondage. The Oracle loves young girls in all nude bondage and torture, and that's what TNAV gives you! Throw in outdoor scenes and exciting dungeon tortures and you earn a slot on the Oracle! For Over 6 Years! TNAV is worth your attention!

Annis Rope Bound Babes

Phil Carson Bondage

Sexy ladies in erotic costumes, thrilling in the sensual possibilities of their ropes and gags. Some enjoy playing the helpless damsel in need of rescue -- some prefer a healthy dose of mechanical stimulation -- some like a shot of erotic discomfort. All of them play sexy, exciting games before my camera ... just for you! Careful, intricate, effective, and TIGHT ropework and secure gags ... that's Phil's signature! The Oracle has seen huge ball gags and lovely ladies in yards and yards of tight white rope...featuring the internet's sexiest bondage models in Sensual Distress!


in: 178, out: 449

Helplessly bound and gagged young girls struggle and moan through packed and ballgagged mouths! DVD & Video, DVD Rentals, Tokens, Downloads, Broadband Streaming, 7500+ photos, 120 FREE Videos, and DAILY UPDATES! Buy 3 get 1 FREE Video Sale thru January 2

in: 68, out: 192

Global Dominatrix directory, femdom and fetish resource

in: 59, out: 226

Bondage, Fetish, Sexual Torture...Lovely Models, Amatuers and Pros...Pain and Torment, Adorable Squirming and emotional scenes...forced orgasms!

in: 30, out: 401

Poor girl captured, helplessly bound and fucked until they CUM. Extremelly hard bondage actions!!!

in: 26, out: 224

Photography by Dave Annis - Offering an abundance of brutal ropework on helpless young women in painful kidnap-style bondage! Nothing faked! Dildo and vibrator penetrations! Roped pussies! FREE SAMPLES!

in: 25, out: 187

Busty bondage model Ashley Renee tied up & gagged, featuring strict and sexual bondage, s/m and forced orgasms, plus video clips, personal diaries and archives!

in: 24, out: 179

Manually selected listing of most quality BDSM sites on the Net! No consoles, dialers and other bullshit! Most quality BDSM sites ONLY!!!

in: 23, out: 142

jim martins bondage by request, whats your fantasy

in: 22, out: 232

Only New Movies and pictures. Good anal scenes!

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Over 18,000 Original Bondage Images And Movies. Girls I’ve Brought Home Bound And Molested. No Fancy Studio! No Expensive Equipment!

in: 15, out: 178

Membership subscription to high quality Bondage website. Video and photos of beautiful women gagged and bound.

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Updated Daily, Top list and Free Photos!

in: 11, out: 128

The hub of web bondage for 8 years.

in: 10, out: 157

Where bondage East meets bondage West

in: 10, out: 210

Videos and Pictures. Bondage and Torture. Hot Models!

in: 10, out: 115

BDSM 24/7 The Captivating and Enchanting female 24/7 bdsm sex slave e

in: 9, out: 144

amateur bondage and bdsm

in: 8, out: 163

Slave training, forced orgasm, latex, corset, ballgag and strict bondage. 1000+ images!

in: 8, out: 101

art gallery to show erotic and fetish photographies from jean paul four french photographer

in: 8, out: 169

ATTENTION! For the first time the most terrifying New York City police secrets are revealed. The internal investigation department recorded brutal humiliation of the prisoners. All of this pics and videos is on our site! Over 50 galleries!

in: 7, out: 129

The erotic bondage photography of Phil Carson! 100’s of original photos of beautiful girls -- tightly bound, securely gagged, and struggling to orgasm!

in: 7, out: 119

TIGHT bondage and HUGE ball gags! Latex vinyl heels and pantyhose!

in: 7, out: 110

Naughty and nice, Amber Michaels welcomes you to her world, featuring exclusive photos, video and more.

in: 7, out: 137

British Glamour Girls in Bondage, Home of the Bondage Phantom

in: 6, out: 131

Free >>> Sado Slave Training, Masochism, Humiliation, extreme Bondage, Discipline, Submission, tit Torture. All Extreme BDSM on SMpages >>>

in: 6, out: 143

Bondage Videos of Busty Moms bound to please.

in: 5, out: 106

A clean and well lighted place for bondage information on the Net.

in: 5, out: 160

The Kinky Nasty Most explicit Sex Sluts Tied Up and Fucked Hard!

in: 5, out: 95

SHOCKING - XXI century girls in medieval and modern chastity belts and other restraints!

in: 5, out: 142

Punishment, humiliation, Bondage, Then we do what you really want to see happen to a bound helpless female

in: 5, out: 107

Exclusive SM & Pain Pictures and Videos. Extreme Slavegirl Pain and Punishment. Severe private SM from the dungeons of Europe.

in: 4, out: 112

See here the hottest and sexiest girls bound with ropes, handcuffed and blindfolded!

in: 4, out: 78

Stunning teen and amateur models in inescapable bondage.

in: 4, out: 116

Real Ladies in Full Nude Rope Restraint and Noose Play. Home of Legendary Photographer & Rigger Randy Roper. Real Life Housewives, Secretaries, etc. Even Mature Beauties. All Females First Time Nude and Bound. Original Content.

in: 4, out: 82

Amateurs & Stars in Bondage, Latex, PVC, S/M, Leather and more

in: 4, out: 72

The Most Beautiful Girls In Sexy Latex Are Spanked, Bound And Fucked

in: 4, out: 87

All Free BDSM Movies and pictures featuring the best BDSM sites

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Premier Pay Site! All original images and videos of beautiful girls.

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Features real next door girls tied up and gagged. Free pictures. Video section. Original content and photos by members request. Users bondage photo contest.

in: 4, out: 119

Hi, I am Gina, 19 years old, welcome to my bound life :)

in: 3, out: 115

Erotic BDSM videos with top Fetish Models. Female training/domination with lots of Hardcore sex. VOD, clips and DVDs

in: 3, out: 108

100% Original High Quality Bondage Photos

in: 3, out: 115

Sexy amateur Anais loves having Sex in Bondage. 2500 private photos and over 2 hours of Sexbondage video clips. * FREE GALLERYS *

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No smiling faces here! Beautiful Damsels in Distress bound and gagged in sexy street clothes, lingerie, pantyhose, heels and socks. High quality photos, original streaming video and more!

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Downloadable clips of beautiful women in tight, inescapable bondage.

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My personal site with bondage, hot sex and fetish

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Women Dominating Men

in: 3, out: 105

These Dreams are BOUND to Excite You!!

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Brats in Bondage, All Free, Teens and Pros, High Quality Pics and Links, ALL FREE, Brats in Bondage!

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Links to the Quality BDSM Sites

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Full info about Male Domination video, stories, pictures... For FREE!!!

in: 2, out: 86

High quality photos and videos of slavegirl Anna Rose and her fetish friends. Bondage, latex fetish, electricity, bizarre fantasy, hoods and much more.

in: 2, out: 84

- Extreme fetish web log - bondage, domination, submission, machine fucking - free picture and movie galleries

in: 2, out: 93

Slavegirl Alina - see her being used, abused, humiliated, disgraced and being loaned out. Steel bondage, role playing, spanking - exclusive photo and video documentation filmed in unusual changing locations

in: 2, out: 112

Submissive Girls waiting for masters on their livecams. This lewd slavegirls need pain and education! RealDates possible in Germany.

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surreal bondage situations...beautiful women in tortuous pain and pleasure...ALL FREE!

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Ponygirl training with bondage, anal play, ponygirl games, electricity, outdoor play and much more.

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Tits are milked out, clits are pumped red, breasts are enlarged from strong vacuum

in: 2, out: 75

Sensual and extreme rope bondage and orgasms

in: 2, out: 89

The home of intense bondage and fetish content made for and by fanatics of the niche.

in: 1, out: 180

Women 18+ tied for the first time naked and spread

in: 1, out: 78

We spank men’s magazine models, B-Movie starlets, exotic dancers, porn stars and such....for real. That’s right, for real. Hey, these are after all REAL bad girls we’re talking about. DVD’s, VHS tapes, downloadable clips and plenty

in: 1, out: 46

Sexy mature DOMME from INDIA with strong shapely legs, cruel mind, killer heels. She really knows what it takes to be a DOMME and how to show NO MERCY at all!

in: 1, out: 104

Chosen Fetish & BDSM Links, Hot Gothic Chicks & Vampires, Horny Punk Babes, Sex Bizarre, Free Galleries

in: 1, out: 88

Damsels in distress, John Willie tribute online magazine, top quality photostories and much more.

in: 1, out: 40

Come into my fetish house and see me playing the dominatrix

in: 1, out: 116

Bondage and BDSM free pics

in: 1, out: 71

Here you\

in: 1, out: 70

The best place to find young girls in very heavy bondage. All 100% original content. Updated every week

in: 1, out: 100

Their young... their cute... their popular... but Now... their FUCKED!

in: 1, out: 34

Japanese photos and movies; femdoms, foot domination

in: 1, out: 77

Long-haired blond blonde in tight bondage, torture devices, breast bondage, nooseplay, hogties, hair bondage & more!

in: 1, out: 99

Bondage, FORCED working, bound women SHIVERING, TIED UP females MASTURBATING, girls TICKLED while in BONDAGE, forced BALLOON popping

in: 1, out: 99

Dave creates elaborate cartoon illustrations that graphically depict women tied in kidnap-style rope bondage. His experience as a bondage rigger, coupled with his sharp wit, culminates in humorous captions that add an entertaining dimension to his art.

in: 1, out: 39

Only HQ pics include cruel bondage,torture,sadism,femdom and other your dark fantasies

in: 1, out: 103

FREE BDSM GALLERIES - Watch some crazy bondage girls, men dominating slave girls by spanking, rope play, tit torture and more! - UPDATES EVERY DAY !!

in: 1, out: 52

Chocolate Babes in Stringent Bondage! Lingerie and Nude! All Hot!

in: 1, out: 52

The complete bondage model database. With free galleries and reviews.

in: 1, out: 8

Bondage Super Model Ashley Renee’s new Token and Streaming Site!

in: 1, out: 46

Bondage video

in: 1, out: 88

Where Beauty,Pleasure and Pain become one!!! Exclusive Photos and Video. 3 live shows every week. Everything from Hardcore bondage to Guy/Girl, Girl/Girl, S/M and Glamour!!

in: 1, out: 92

Facesitting, Trampling, Foot Domination, Watersports, Strapon, CBT, Humiliation, Punishment - 1000s & 1000s of images plus hundreds of movie selections - Updated constantly !

in: 1, out: 18

LIfestyle submissive gets off on foot torture, prolonged bondage, intense D/s.

in: 1, out: 101

All Best Free BDSM Collected In A Net !! Forced Sex, Brutal Sexual Tortures, Cruel Domination, Violent Sadistic Spanking, Extreme Bondage...

in: 0, out: 41

Large selection of new releases of bondage videos, DVD’s

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uncencored extreme pics of cruel domination, forced sex, hard bondage, brutal torture, violent punishment, female-slaves!

in: 0, out: 113

Real BDSM site with lot of bounded, tortured and fucked Czech slave girls!

in: 0, out: 87

what’s your Fetish? Girls Bound And Gagged, In Latex, Corsets, Used as Furniture and more.

in: 0, out: 66

Fetish, bondage, pain, slaves, wax, enemas, lactating and more. Free pic and movies galleries. Fetish/Bondage newsgroups.

in: 0, out: 114

Women sexualy dominated by their Nazi masters, uniform fetish, maledom, femdom

in: 0, out: 69

Incredible BDSM videos updated daily with Rick Savage

in: 0, out: 80

Learn to tie up your lover for the hottest, tightest bondage sex. Sex Bondage lessons and Workshops by Chanta Rose; ex-pornstar, bondage rigger, webmistress and troublemaker!

in: 0, out: 87

No glamour! No prefunctory ropes! Just top quality photos of sexy girls kidnapped and placed in extremely tight, inescapable restraint.

in: 0, out: 47

Downloadable Fetish & Bondage Videoclips. Latex Vinyl Heels and more! High quality DivX Video.

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Premier Pay Site! Nude, Tied-up, Dommed lovely women! Big gags, Crotch Ropes!

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Pay per view Bondage and Torture Cinema! Kidnapped Damsels, Tortured Teens, Forced Orgasms!

in: 0, out: 67

Bratty and Bound Teens, Roped and Tortured, Free Pics, updated often!

in: 0, out: 65

Misbehaving slaves are disciplined with all the tools found in my woodshop out behind my house.

in: 0, out: 87

Actual Kidnapping and Abduction fantasy Photos! Cruel and Moody! All Free!

in: 0, out: 84

Extreme pantyhose bondage, asian bdsm movies and more


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